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Metallic Elephant


Welcome to the brand new mobile app from Metallic Elephant!If you are interested in hot foil blocks, hot foil machines, and everything in between then our new mobile app is just what you are looking for.It’s free to download and we have packed it full of useful things!With our app you can:Read about our productsMeet the teamFind out how to send us your artworkYou can even send us a photo of the work you have been creatingJoin our mailing listFind all of our contact information with one touch.Email us, get directions, and phone us with one press of a button!Find discounts, and special offersRead all about our machines, products, and services.AND get the latest news and announcements straight to your phone from Metallic Elephant!Metallic Elephant is a company proud to be in Frating in Essex, and we want to give our customers something very special for their mobile phones so we hope you love our mobile app as much as we do!